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Hi, I'm Matt Page

Web Developer, designer, consultant

What I do

I make your web project perfect!
I create powerful software and beautiful, effective websites for small businesses. I specialize in the health, fitness and wellness industry.

Why I do it

Seeing how my work can help improve your business, and maybe even make a difference to your life, is a big motivation and excitement for me. I love my work! I take the time I need to give each project my total focus and produce beautiful results.

How I create software

I created PonoCMS, a content management system (CMS) that's the basis of all of the websites that I create, providing unlimited power for your small business website.

You'll get everything you'd expect from a professional website: beautifully designed web pages, a feature-packed blog, reviews & testimonials, a powerful online shop, customizable questionnaires and contact or feedback forms, a members-only area, built-in search engine optimization (SEO), and reports & analytics.

But there's much, much more.

From an online school & learning system to events & scheduling, from tools that will revolutionize the way you communicate with your clients to the ability to connect and share content and features across multiple sites — the possibilities are limitless!

Learn more at

I also create totally individual web projects, large and small, as well as custom integrations in popular platforms that will help save you time and optimize the way you work.

How I create websites

I work individually, one-on-one with you, to create a totally unique website perfectly suited to you and your business. No generic templates or layouts, your website is designed and styled to exactly fit your needs.
You'll feel proud to show off your new site!

But your website should do more than just look good, it should get results.

When we start a project I work closely with you to identify your business goals, and then design a clean and intuituve site that will engage your visitors and help convert them into clients.

Effective & Engaging

Grab your visitors attention and convert them to clients with a sales driven website, with intelligently planned funnels and calls to action.

Elegant & Intuitive

A sleek, clean, fresh, modern design that's easy to navigate. And of course it's perfectly responsive, so that it looks beautiful on every screen size and every device.

Fixed Price

Your new website is a one-time investment that’s created and fully set up for you with no hidden fees and zero ongoing costs. You can quickly update existing content or add in something new yourself with the easy and intuitive content management system PonoCMS.

Google & Social Media

SEO is built-in and optimized to give you the best chances of getting listed high up on Google. And you can easily connect to all your social channels, and embed social content on your site.

Personal Support

I don't disappear when your website is finished. I'm there for you any time when you have questions, need help, or just want some friendly advice.

Specializing in...

I work mainly with the health, fitness and wellness industry.

My wife, Ayda, is an all round nutrition and fitness guru — yes, those are her photos (and while we're at it, make sure you visit her Health Angel website or her blog)!

By focusing on something that I know very well, and that I care deeply about, I am able to understand what you really need from a website, and I can provide a much higher level of service.

My second main area of focus is e-commerce. I started developing e-commerce websites in 1997, and for over 15 years I ran my own retail and wholesale online shop — with over 5,000 products, serving over 50,000 customers around the world, and shipping over 200,000 orders.

So I'm not just a developer who know how to create software and websites — I truly understand your business, and I know how to create effective websites.

Some recent work

Some thoughts

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Who I am

My career started in 1991 as a software developer. In the 25+ years since then I have worked in Europe, Canada and the US. I’ve managed multi-million dollar businesses and worked with clients across the world, and I've run small home-based businesses on my own. I’ve learned the theory of software development, web design, online strategy, and business management. But I also have hands-on experience of actually doing it all at many different levels.

This makes me the ideal partner for your small business: I provide the all-in-one service that you need for your successful web projects.

You'll find that I'm easy going and dependable. I work fast, but I'm also a perfectionist – I want to provide amazing results and to far exceed your expectations. I'm good at what I do because I'm being myself, doing what I love, and giving each project my total focus.

Get in touch

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