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The web design process

You want a new website. So what exactly happens during the design process?
in Web Design
4 minutes read

Strategy & Planning

First of all, we need to think about why you want a new website. Whether you're just starting a new business, or you're already well established and successful, your website is a tool that should help you achieve your business goals. And, especially if you're a very small business, it should reflect your personality too.

I need to totally understand what you want to achieve, and I also need to get to know YOU.

So before we even think about the design, I'll ask you a lot of questions -- some of them quite fun! -- to learn more about you and your goals for your new website.


Once I fully understand your story, I'll start transforming your ideas into a web design.

This phase begins with looking at what content you need to present. No matter how cool your website looks, it's the actual content that will determine whether or not it's a success. So I'll look at what you have, start organizing it, and we'll talk about what else we may need.

The next step is the wireframe: that is, the main structure and layout of your new site. I'll plan a very clear flow that will engage your visitors and encourage them to interact with your website in such a way that it fulfills your goals. We'll want your visitors to look at certain content and then complete a specific “call to action”. These calls to action are the goals of your website -- each page on your site can have its individual goals, and these can include things like placing an order, subscribing to a newsletter, downloading an ebook, contacting you, or just clicking on a link.
A well designed and successful website should guide your visitors from one section to the next, presenting everything they need to know until they feel compelled to complete your call to action.

Once we've decided together on the main structure, I'll start creating the actual design. Your answers to my questions at the beginning of the project will have given me a good idea of the direction we want to go in. So pretty soon I'll have the first design mockup for you, and we'll then start working closely together to refine the design until it looks perfect.


During the planning and design phases, I will have already been mapping out what technology is needed to make your new system work. I'll transform the design into an actual website, with responsive pages that load super fast and look beautiful on any screen size. I'll add in animation and any effects that we included in the design. And I'll connect your website to the important external tools that we need -- for example for analytics & analysis, newsletter list management etc. 

 You'll have plenty of time to preview and test a fully working prototype site, with all the effects and functionality added in. And then, when we're ready to launch, your new website will go live on your domain.

I'll hand over control of your website, and explain everything you need to know to manage and update content on your own with the intuitive PonoCMS content management system.

Refinement & Optimization

Our journey together does not end when your website launches. We may have planned specific post-launch work for your website -- for example helping you understand your analytics, working together on an SEO strategy, or split (A/B) testing different ideas to optimize your conversion rate. 

But whether we have plans or not, my work is not finished when your website is live.

Whenever you need quick help updating something, or you just want some friendly advice, I'm always here for you with my support. Seeing your website working successfully is very rewarding for me, so I'm always happy to help where I can.

Always working together

By now, you will have realized that I want you to be involved during every phase of the development. Don't worry, I'll be doing (most of) the work! But I'll need your feedback at every stage -- if I was to just disappear at the start of the project, create your website, and then present it to you then the end result might look nice, but it almost certainly would not be effective.

During the design and development phase I work a lot with videos. So each time I have a new visual presentation to show you -- for example the wireframe, or one of the design mockups -- I will often record a quick video for you, explaining what I've done and why, and I'll ask you for specific feedback.

I'll respond quickly and make adjustments based on your feedback, of course never losing focus of the overall goals for your site.

And together, we will create a beautiful and effective website!

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